Distinctive features of a Transport Project based on the «Card Cluster» Technological Platform are:
  1. Low cost of ownership while maintaining full control over the project;
  2. The possibility of implementing the project on the basis of bank cards, which ensures joint promotion of the project with the bank and reduces the cost of issuing cards;
  3. The ability to implement a project based on mobile cards, which significantly reduces project costs and increases the comfort of the project;
  4. The ability to use both specialized software and a developed configuration based on the 1C platform as a project accounting system;
  5. Ensuring security and resistance to burglary.

  • To download travel tickets to the transport card application:
    • Smartphones with NFC;
    • Pin-pads;
    • ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) and information kiosks;
    • Automated workplace equipped with PC/SC readers.
  • To record the facts of travel:
    • Smartphones with NFC.
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