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Competition in the bank card market is pushing banks to search for new, distinctive offers to customers. The line of credit and deposit products, tariffs, convenient Internet banking and mobile bank, the number of bank offices and ATMs are the main instruments of competition among banks. They are all standard and focused on quantitative indicators.
A qualitative difference from offers of competitors can be achieved for by adding additional functionality to the bank cards (non-financial application), which allows the bank’s partners to develop non-financial services based on bank cards.
The solutions developed by the specialists of our company allow placing a non-financial application of the payment system itself, or a non-financial application of our own development (SmartUp) on a card in within the standard process of issuing bank cards.

The presence of a non-financial application provides bank customers with additional value of cards and allows:
  • Significantly expand the scope of use of cards (social, transport cards).
  • Provide corporate clients with the opportunity to implement joint projects on base of bank cards (campus cards).
  • Increase the loyalty of bank customers (both legal entities and individuals).
  • Provide the possibility for the bank to receive new types of commission income.
  • Reduce bank expenses, partially shifting the promotion of bank cards to partners in projects.

The toolkit we have developed allows us to provide service for a non-financial application in the following equipment:
  • ATMs and POS terminals¹.
  • Turnstiles and validators.
  • Parking meters and vending machines.
  • Card Readers
  • Smartphones

The competencies of our company’s specialists allow, in a short time, to develop the necessary solutions according to instructions of the bank, including and applications for smartphones.

¹POS-terminal (Point Of Sale) — This is an electronic software and hardware device for accepting payment cards. It can accept chip cards, magnetic stripe cards and contactless cards, as well as other contactless devices. Also, a POS terminal is often understood to mean the entire software and hardware complex that is installed at the cashier’s workplace.
Projects implemented on the base of smart cards with non-financial applications, allow you to close almost any application needs in customer infrastructure and build a flexible ecosystem.

The customer independently chooses for himself the best option for implementing the project:
  • Implementation of the project on base of bank cards with non-financial application (make a link to partner banks);
  • Implementation of the project on based on smart cards with SmartUp application. In this case, cards can:
— To be personalized by the customer himself. To do this, you need to purchase a solution for creating and personalizing a SmartUp application, which can be personalized on both physical and mobile cards in depending on needs.

Having your own personal center allows you to:
  • Reduce personalization timeframes to minimum;
  • Ensure quality control of the personalization process;
  • Provide variability in the choice of card design:
— Be personalized by our company

The toolkit we have developed allows us to provide maintenance of non-financial applications in the entire infrastructure of the customer: turnstiles and validators, parking meters and vending machines, card readers and personal smartphones of employees, which can significantly reduce costs for project implementation.
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