Description of the power metering system based on Card cluster:

  • Meals can be recorded both in rubles and in «accounting units» — points, bonuses, special meals, free meals, etc.;
  • Both a deposit and a credit payment scheme for meals, or a combination of them, as well as setting various card limits, special meal benefits, menu discounts, etc.;
  • Accounting for the issuance of special meals required by labor legislation is automated (Article 222 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation);
  • It becomes possible to create and use an internal payment system with instant authorization, with no commission fees and dependence on the performance of the bank's servers;
  • The following can be used as readers for payment/food accounting:
    • NFCsmartphones with a special application,
    • PIN-pads used in the standard infrastructure for servicing bank cards,
    • PC/SC readers;

The project can be implemented using smart cards (physical and mobile), bank cards Visa, MasterCard, MIR.

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