Non-financial application management

We have developed components that allow you to transfer the management of non-financial applications located on the map to the project owners (departmental and municipal institutions, educational institutions, industrial organizations, gas stations, clubs, retail chains and others).

COM library

COM library is used by developers to integrate smart cards into existing information systems and to develop new information systems in Windows.

The functionality of the program through the readers allows:

1. Perform operations of reading and writing data to non-financial applications located on physical and mobile smart cards;

2. Manage the terms of access to data for non-financial applications located on physical and mobile smart cards.

Virtual HSM

An HSM (Hardware security module) is a physical computing device that secures and manages digital keys for strong authentication and provides crypto processing.

Virtual HSM is a set of software components (java) for organizing an HSM service, consisting of:

1. A module that implements the HSM service;

2. A module that provides HSM operation with multiple SAM-HSM instances.

Virtual HSM + COM Library

Taken together, these components allow building new and modernizing existing client ecosystems (non-financial services) based on smart cards.

The card management components enable the use of smart cards in the following software:

1. Industrial platforms (1C, Java);

2. proprietary software;

3.Smartphones based on Android;

4. Browsers.

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