Social card
Distinctive features of the Social Card project based on the «Technological platform» are:

  • Possibility of implementing the project on the basis of bank cards, which ensures joint promotion of the project with the bank and reducing the cost of issuing cards;
  • Ability to implement a project based on mobile cards, which significantly reduces project costs and increases the comfort of the project;
  • One card acts as a single identifier for access to the entire infrastructure of the city (transport, provision of benefits and subsidies; access to electronic government services, receiving discounts in the merchant);
  • ensuring security and resistance to hacking;
  • Performing operations in vending devices (food, parking meters, etc.).

The following types of devices can be used to identify the cardholder:

  • Smartphones with NFC;
  • pin pads;
  • ATM and info kiosks;
  • PC/SC readers.

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