Corporate logon
Classic password authentication provides a minimum level of security, since there are many ways to find out passwords.

Card-based authentication is the hardest to get around because it uses a unique physical entity that a person must have in order to log in. Unlike passwords, the owner quickly learns about the theft of the card and can immediately take the necessary measures to prevent its negative consequences.

Corporate Logon – modern solution for user authentication in corporate Windows networks, based on the use of smart cards and readers.

The scope of the solution is from one stand-alone computer (PC, laptop) to many workplaces in the corporate network of the enterprise.

To implement the solution, you must:

  • Issue a certificate Active Directory (AD) and write it to the card;
  • Connect readers to computers/install the application on smartphones «Smartphone as a reader»;
  • Install the software on your computer.
In addition to user authentication, the solution also allows signing documents with an enhanced unqualified electronic signature using an AD certificate.

If the enterprise already has a system of access control and management based on bank cards with a non-financial application, then all you need to do is connect the readers to computers, or use our solution «Smartphone as a reader» to use a smartphone as a reader and install the software. Users will use the same cards they use to access buildings, offices, etc.

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