Description of the Fuel Project based on the «Card Cluster» Technological Platform:

  1. Accounting is carried out in "accounting units" - liters of a specific type of fuel or points;
  2. Both prepaid and credit schemes for issuing "accounting units" are allowed, as well as limit or with access of all cards to a single account;
  3. Management of the purchased volume of fuel, monitoring of information on the facts of refueling is carried out by the buyer of fuel through an on-line account;
  4. The following can be used as readers when writing off "accounting units" while refueling:
    • NFC smartphones with dedicated app;
    • PIN-pads used in the standard infrastructure for servicing bank cards;
    • PC/SC readers;
  5. The issuer of accounting units (the owner of the filling station network) has access to loyalty management tools: discount, bonus and other programs.

The project can be implemented using smart cards (physical and mobile), bank cards Visa, MasterCard. MIR.

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