Commercial offer

On the implementation of projects using bank cards based on technology of non-financial applications

LLC "SMART LAB SOLUTIONS" proposes to consider the possibility of purchasing solutions and components that provide the possibility of implementing non-financial services using a non-financial application on smart cards:
Solution / module / component name Brief specifics (purpose, distinctive features) Note Scope and benefits
1. Solution for creating and personalizing non-financial applications
1.1. License for in-house guest card personalization solution. Includes:
- transfer of application template, workplaces of personalization and expertise;
- creation of sets of key information;
- consulting and integration works;
- the possibility of issuing up to 100,000 guest cards.

1. Minimum terms of personalization;
2. Quality control of the personalization process;
3. Variety of choice of card design.
If the project is implemented jointly with a bank, the bank will cover the costs of personalizing bank cards with a non-financial application!
2. Basic client software package
2.1. Virtual HSM and COM Library License. A set of software for the Client's work with non-financial applications, including:
- module for working with key information - «virtual HSM»;
- COM library for working with non-financial applications.
Includes examples of using this kit, including in the 1C environment.    
3. Optional client software kit
3.1.1. License for optimized a set of software for configuring ACS readers on the client's side to work with non-financial applications. Includes:
- 2 technocards prepared by SLS for a specific ACS;
- AcsIdConverter – utility for converting identifiers of a non-financial application "ACS" into the format of ACS identifiers;
- AcsIdAdapter – utility for displaying the identifier of the non-financial application «ACS».

The software package allows you to integrate cards with a non-financial application / bank cards into an existing access control system by simply replacing only card readers.
Thus, a gradual and painless transition from one card to another can be carried out.
3.1.2. License for full software kit for configuring ACS readers on the client side to work with non-financial applications (optional). In addition to the completeness of the license from clause 3.1.1, it includes:
- Workstation of the ACS Administrator - software for preparing the configuration of ACS readers for uploading to technocards.
3.1.3. License to configure one PNR-P19.B or PNR-X19.B reader to work with a non-financial application. Purchased in addition to clause 3.1.1. for each PNR-P19.B or PNR-X19.B reader (the minimum number of purchased licenses for a project is 25 pcs.).

3.2. License for the use of Active Directory certificates by employees of the client for:
- PC access;
- document signatures;
- differentiation of access to information.
- Workplace for writing AD (Active Directory) certificates to a non-financial application;
- mini-driver for work at client sites;
- documentation.
The solution requires a deployed module to work with key information - "Virtual HSM". 1. Strengthening the protection of access to the account;
2. Possibility of electronic signature of documents;
3.Configure access to the MFP.
3.3. License for "AcsIdReaderExt" with Mifare support. Utility for reading data from cards in the field where the cursor is located through the functionality of the virtual keyboard, as well as through the keyboard buffer.
Licenses make it possible to identify a user using a card (issuing books in a library, issuing goods from a warehouse, etc.) in the current software and thereby make it possible to:
1.Save working time by automating the process (replacing manual data entry, eliminating data entry errors);
2.Increase the speed of the production cycle (time for one operation).
3.4. License for the Mobile Application "Smartphone as a Reader". Supplied with a VR server license (server for virtual connection to the reader). Allows you to use your smartphone as a reader.    
Saving your budget. The need for the purchase of readers decreases, because it is possible to use personal smartphones of employees.
3.5. License for the library for Android "Smartphone as a special terminal"
to support readability in the mobile app:
- data from a non-financial application on mobile maps;
- data from a non-financial application on bank cards;
- data from a non-financial application on guest cards;
- Mifare card identifiers.
The license includes:
- an example of a mobile application using the "Smartphone as a special terminal" library.
The customer is also provided with an example of codes for the server side on 1C.
If it is necessary to develop a mobile application using the Android library "Smartphone as a special terminal", the works specified in clause 1. of the table "Cost of works / services" are required. Allows you to use your smartphone as a special terminal for recording event attendance, identifying employees, etc., for example:
- registration of those who came to the meeting / event / seminar (for educational institutions, replacement of the oral roll call)
- security raid, identification of people on the territory of the institution / factory
- organization of access to the machine / equipment for employees with a certain skill level.
3.6. License for a set of modules (server and library for Android) to support the ability to create mobile maps. Mobile cards can be created:
1. In the Customer's own mobile application;
2.In the SLS mobile application.
Пadvantages of mobile cards:
- Low cost;
- Instant release and personalization.
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