Card cluster
The Card Cluster technological platform is a coherent set of technical elements, licenses and methodologies, the key of which are:
  • SmartUp application — Placed on a card or smartphone;
  • Application control components;
  • Infrastructure and host components.
The Card Cluster allows you to create and combine various business projects (campus, social, fuel, club, etc.) within the framework of such carriers as smart cards (including Visa, MasterCard, MIR) and smartphones with NFC¹ support.

The non-financial SmartUp application is developed on the basis of the same specifications as the payment applications of MasterCard, Visa and MIR payment systems and can be placed both on a card and in a smartphone.

SmartUp applet properties:
  • It can be placed on the cards of various payment systems, which allows you to implement many projects on the cards of banks;
  • Available for contact and contactless interfaces;
  • Provides participation of the card in several projects at the same time;
  • Allows you to implement several similar projects within the same data area, for example, several loyalty programs;
  • Supports the durability of solutions for card authentication and recording the facts of card use;
  • Implements the functionality of dynamic management of map content in unsafe infrastructure (smartphones and other devices).
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